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The all botanical solution for your skin

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New Olde Doc's Botanical Deodorant!


Are you looking for the very best in all natural deodorants? Try our new line of Olde Doc’s Botanical Deodorant that is made with all plant-based ingredients. This Deodorant contains no aluminum, baking soda, or cornstarch. Here at Fernwood, we believe in only using the very best botanical ingredients for our products with no synthetic fragrances or preservatives added. This deodorant is a hypoallergenic alternative to most deodorants on the market today, that can cause skin irritations and other unwanted side effects, so treat your skin today with Olde Doc’s Botanical Deodorant.


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Our all botanical total body bars are a unique blend of refreshing essential oils and moisturizing Shea butter.  They can be used not only for skin, but are perfect for hair as well, providing luxurious lather and a clean rinse.  This all in one bar is ideal for at home or travel use.

Essential Oils


Here at Fernwood we take pride in providing our customers with the highest quality of essential oil, free of fillers, synthetics, or chemicals.  Our essential oils are responsibly harvested, 100% pure and are ideal for diffusers, the bath, or adding to carrier oils to blend your own unique fragrance.  An essential oil is in the essence of the plant, distilled into a bottle.  Depending on the plant being distilled it can take hundreds of pounds of plant matter to make one bottle of oil.  They are very powerful compounds and because of this all essential oils should be mixed with a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond, Moringa, or Argon oil before applied to skin topically.  When using a new oil always do a patch test before adding it to your daily routine.

Olde Doc's Beauty Balms

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Treat your skin to the intense botanical moisture of Fernwoods 'Olde Doc's Beauty Balms.  This luxurious balm is pure ingredients with now water added.  We start with a shea butter and beeswax base, then add a perfectly balanced blend of Argan, Moringa, Jojoba and essential oils to create a hypoallergenic, moisturizing blend that protects the skin and leaves it shiny and smooth, especially for dry or damaged skin.

Body Butters


Here at Fernwood we believe that pure botanicals equals healthy beautiful skin.  Our moisturizing all botanical Body Butters are handcrafted in small batches with only the purest of natural ingredients.  Our luxurious hypoallergenic blends are safe to use on face and body to sooth and improve the overall texture and condition of skin.

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